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  • Barry Rimes added a new event
    Computers Software

    Visit us at - The Prolexic Global Network is...

    • Tuesday, 17 June 2014 00:00
    • .
  • Barry Rimes

    has connected to The Waldorf School of SW London.

  • Alexander Müller

    online ;-)

  • Megan Fielding created a new topic ' Megan Fielding' in the forum.

    Is this forum still alive and kicking? I passed CMII(C) last year. Hoping to get some great info from you guys

  • Megan Fielding

    Not only does he crush my dream of being a cat (I'm a nightmare crossing roads apparently) he's tried to poison me with lemsip. <barf>

    Megan Fielding Totally not CMII related! That will teach me for logging on with my facebook profile!
    6 months ago
  • Syera Syailendra uploaded a new Profile cover


  • Alexander Müller created new blog post CMII Design and CMS relaunch in Uncategorized

    CMII Network - Configuration Management II Community and Forum. Join us now - its free. The CMS and Template is new. It should be complete, but if you find a bug please report it.   ...

  • Alexander Müller

    upps.. its new

  • Guido Weischedel updated blog entry CMII Europe 2012 Conference Video Online in CMII Conferences

    Thank you all for attending the CMII Europe 2012 Conference in December 2012 in Berlin. Thanks to Anne and Mary-Ann we now have a great video with nice impressions of the event online at ...

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